Have you ever wondered if there might be a way to hit the “Control-Z” command on your keyboard so you could undo all your “health mistakes” and start over with a clean slate?

now you can!

Introducing an amazing new book by Linda Orr Easthouse,

Pushing the Reset Button: The busy professional’s guide to a healthy lifestyle you will love.

In the pages of this book – which you can now get on Amazon for a specially-reduced price – you will find answers to the health and lifestyle questions that perplex you on a daily basis.

For instance, did you know that one of the main reasons you “feel sluggish” so often is because of what you’re eating?
It’s true. Most people have food allergies that they’re not even aware of. Even though there’s nothing “wrong” with the food, for you it might be “toxic” in some small way – enough to cause a bad reaction that you think is “normal” or is caused by something else.

The fact is, we live with toxins – and this handy book shows you how to get rid of them – completely purging them from your life in only 30 days!

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Linda Easthouse walks with you through each room of a typical home,
showing you what to be on the lookout for:

Airborne contaminants, bad air quality, chemicals in your carpet or furniture, cleaning products that cause harm, common allergens in food and beverages… the list goes on.

It’s astonishing how much you can clean up your life … just by going through your home and getting rid of things that are silently making you sick!

Plus, backed by her vast experience as a therapist, Linda Easthouse gets inside your head, not just your home or kitchen.

She shows you how to approach life with a constantly healthy attitude – never letting negativity take over your mind or body.

Negativity is a breeding ground for disease. But after you read Pushing the Reset Button, you’ll know the “secrets” of staying in a positive mental and emotional state even when the entire world is crashing around you!

There’s so much to learn from this delightful, handy, and timely book – written specifically for today’s busy professionals.

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With so many “invisible threats” attacking you – physically and emotionally, every single day – you need the information in this book as your way to conquer all those problems, and live the life you really want.

Get a copy of this book today. You’ll be glad you did!

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