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Linda Easthouse

Radionics/Bioresonance Professional

Linda has been a trainer, educator, and health advocate all her life. With nearly 15 years experience as a Natural Health Therapist, she helps people regain wellness. As a certified Natural Bioenergetics (NB) Professional,  a Radionics master, and Matrix Energetics (ME) practitioner, using therapies that restore the body, mind, and spirit, she assists people to take control of their Stress, establish healthy patterns, and gain control over their life and well-being.

Many athletes and business owners seek her assistance to optimize their performance and outcomes.

Linda founded East House Natural Health and sees clients in online and in Mexico. She teaches online and in western Canada. She has a Masters degree and many years of apprenticeship in the healing arts under a variety of teachers. Linda loves to help people be their best and optimize their patterns for health, success, and inner happiness.

Set the foundation for your heath by taking care of your lifestyle. Get Linda’s book and download the complementary workbook.

Linda Easthouse

Radionics: A Bioresonance Technology

Radionics, sometimes called  Radiesthesia, is a type of Bioresonance technology.  Radionics, when done from the traditional manual rates, via digital rates, or from a bioresonance machine like the NLS Quantum analyzer,  assists the self-healing capacity and process of the client. It facilitates a flow of energies between the body’s various levels to restore the subject to balance and good health as well as optimizes them for performance and success. It is a tool for analyzing and treating stresses in humans, animals and plants.

Bioresonance is interaction between a living organism and the frequency patterns that surround or resonate as the result of the organisms movements.


In traditional Radionics all of the analysis and rates are calculated by hand using a pendulum. It is the ability and skill of the practitioner to do a full analysis of the person (animal or plant) and determine all the factors affecting them. Then a rate is worked out to provide the information or vibrational pattern that will allow the person to change their pattern. It is entangled with the person’s “witness” so that the pattern is transferred to the client.


Modern Radionics is usually done with the same thorough analysis, by pendulum or accurate muscle testing. The rate is then provided to the client via a digital production with entangles with the person’s witness but can be programmed to run on a schedule and can include complex patterns of flowers, herbs, gemstones, and more.


Bioresonance therapy with a Quantum Analyzer (NLS/Hunter) creates a pattern of communication set up between the frequency of a person physical body and the receiving of these signals by the NLS bioresonance hardware. These then register on the computer as images that indicate what the body is doing internally. It can be done using a DNA sample and the scalar black box generator that returns the corrected signals to the body for treatment.

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