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Radionics, sometimes called  Radiesthesia, is a type of Bioresonance technology.  Radionics, when done from the traditional manual rates, via digital rates, or from a bioresonance machine like the NLS Quantum analyzer,  assists the self-healing capacity and process of the client. It facilitates a flow of energies between the body’s various levels to restore the subject to balance and good health as well as optimizes them for performance and success. It is a tool for analyzing and treating conditions in humans, animals and plants.

Bioresonance Technology– Bioresonance is interaction between a living organism and the frequency patterns that surround or resonate as the result of the organisms movements.

  • In traditional Radionics all of the analysis and rates are calculated by hand using a pendulum. It is the ability and skill of the practitioner to do a full analysis of the person (animal or plant) and determine all the factors affecting them. Than a rate is worked out to provide the information or vibrational pattern that will allow the person to change their pattern. It is entangled with the person’s “witness” so that the pattern is transferred to the client.
  • Modern Radionics is usually done with the same thorough analysis, by pendulum or accurate muscle testing. The rate is then provided to the client via a digital production with entangles with the person’s witness but can be programmed to run on a schedule and can include complex patterns of flowers, herbs, gemstones, and more.
  • Bioresonance therapy with a Quantum Analyzer (NLS/Hunter) creates a pattern of communication set up between the frequency of a person physical body and the receiving of these signals by the LRIS-NLS bioresonance hardware. These then register on the computer as images that indicate what the body is doing internally. It can be done using a DNA sample and the scalar black box generator that returns the corrected signals to the body for treatment.

Radionics Treatment

How we analyse and satisfy our clients

When the Radionic analysis (diagnosis) is finished and the practitioner has a complete profile of the patient including the functional integrity of all organ systems, psychological states and imbalances that are present in the energy structures which form the energy fields which underlie the body, treatment can then be properly determined.

All pathological states and their causes have their own frequency of energy patterns; these can be treated at a distance through the Radionic instrument by employing ‘rates’ or geometric patterns.

The “DNA sample” or snippet of hair from the patient (known as the patients witness) acts as a link between the practitioner, the Radionic instrument and the patient. Essentially treatment is the interaction of healing energy patterns with the client. To these may added the wave form of homeopathic remedies, colours, flower essences and herbal extracts if they are indicated as part of treatment.

It may be difficult to accept that such treatment can be effective at a distance. However, the weight of clinical evidence shows that it is very effective in a significant number of cases. ‘Action at a distance’ as this phenomenon is called is not new to science. Today a great deal of research is being carried out by scientific institutions in the field and they are finding out that humans, plants and animals respond to projected thought patterns and this phenomenon occurs no matter how great the distance between the subjects under investigation.

Their findings now bear out the rationale of Radionics. One of the great advantages of Radionics is that it is often possible to discover potentially serious conditions at an early stage and, by appropriate treatment, prevent them for developing to a point where they become clinically identifiable.

Moreover, as Radionic treatment takes place at a non-physical level, it cannot harm any living tissue or produce any unnatural side effects. Radionics is concerned with healing of the whole man, with the health pattern or entelechy of the individual. The health pattern is a singular, unitary force within the structures of man that ensures adequate and optimum functioning of the systems of his body. The purpose of Radionic therapy is to help the individual to re-establish his optimum pattern of health.

“Radionics is a method of precisely defined healing energy to people, animals or plants, no matter where they are in the world. The name reflects the view of the early practitioners that they were ‘broadcasting’ healing, but we now believe that radionic treatment occurs at a level of reality where there is no distance between us. This is a challenging concept, but it is entirely compatible with modern physics and also with the ancient mystic teachings that at one level we are all on, and at this level exchanges of healing energy can occur.”

Radionic Association of England

“Radionics is an extraordinary tool for measuring and harmonizing the subtle energies within ourselves and the environment which have profound effect on our health and well-being, causing or sustaining 80% of all dis-ease. Its use has been validated in hundreds of controlled studies over the past 80 years… It can also be use to gather information from the collective unconscious, the knowledge and understanding this brings, transforming the lives of its  users.

The Radionics and Dowsing Institute

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What people say about our service

I love the idea of radionics. I find it so fascinating and knew I wanted to try it. No idea what I wanted, so after a quick sharing of what’s going on with me, Linda came up with the perfect thing. I noticed an uplifting in my energy when she turned it on and then didn’t think about it. Linda asked how it was going a few days later, and I realized that I’d been very energized and feeling amazing, like I used to some months ago. This stuff is awesome and it works. I’m excited to get more. Amandalee Sparks



This month has been hell…B. has been refusing to weight bear since the first few days of the month, has been going to school in a wheelchair stroller…we’ve done xrays, chiro, oils, more oils, noninvasive neuromodulation, yada yada yada and couldn’t figure out what was going on. It dawned on me late last week that I hadn’t even let you know what was going on because I was so spiralled into WTF IS IT mode…anyhow, Linda worked on her Sat (she told me about it on Sunday)…she was on the dance floor Sat night. Yesterday and today walking without assistance all day. Literally an overnight “back to normal” after a month of fear and chaos and confusion. There’s a lot more detail I could share but don’t want to write a book here. LOL Turns out it was a mold exposure which had resulted in some swelling in the motor cortex…she began treating both (from Mexico, remotely) and voila, we have a happy little girl who was running in PE on Monday. A little love from my radionics master and I think she’s good as new.