The Clear Clean Boost is offered by radionics. It is aimed at each participant like background music to sooth the jangled energy of life. The energetic program will clean off the garbage picked up from negative people around you. It will clear off the heavy weight of things that aren’t yours but get put on you. It will boost your own energy and focus.  The monthly clear and clean program with a power boost will keep you running smoothly. Just as your car needs regular maintenance, so does your body and your biofield.

A new program is set each week (48 in all) and a few are repeated to get a full 52 weeks of support for your daily life. Think of it as a shower and scrub down for your energy field. Come out sparkling and then get a followup broadcast with a power booster to give you clarity and strength.

You also get a monthly email at the beginning of the month telling you exactly what it is working on each week and helping you go with the flow through the year. Think of it as a weekly shower and power charge.To have an image of how this works, imagine a river flowing freely. After a storm, a tree falls into the river, obstructing the water flow. Over time, silt and leaves are collected by the fallen tree, further compounding the obstruction. If the tree is not removed, the flow will continue to reduce. Eventually it will become completely blocked.

So how do we remove the blockage by using radionics?

Everything has a vibrating frequency, which is called resonant frequency. This can be explained using an analogy of an opera singer who uses their voice to shatter a crystal glass. The glass is vibrating at a certain frequency, and when the opera singer sings at that particular frequency the glass shatters.The human energy field consists of different levels of vibrations or frequencies. For example, chakras as the centers of energy also have particular frequencies which send energy out into the human energy field. Over time, these frequencies with your body are not so wonderful due to the deterioration of your body functions. Some experienced radionics researchers maintain that since life itself is frequency, the simple act of transmitting beneficial frequencies into the body (any beneficial frequencies) will act to “wake up” the immune system, “remind” it of its function, and set it to work again properly. Here is an example, take two grandfather clocks and stand them against the same wall. Now set their pendulums swinging out of sync with each other. Within a few days, both pendulums will have come back into perfect sync with each other, and will remain that way until they’re disturbed again.

So if you apply the frequencies of a healthy liver, or a robust immune system, and you transmit them into your body where these are not so good, within a few days frequency entrainment will have taken place, and things will start looking much better.

A radionics machine works in the same way to help your body’s various frequencies return to well-balanced condition. A body with healthy balanced frequencies will heal itself. This is a weekly radionic program sent to you via quantum entanglement to your biofield to clear old patterns, clean emotional patterns so they don’t build up and then a boost and balance program. It works away weekly on cleaning up all the old patterns from your life that undermine your emotional stability.

It is $50/month for 12 months or $500 (USD)for the year. You get 48 weekly programs automatically run for you. On the months that have 5 weeks an extra program run keeps you tuned up.

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