A full Assessment includes a thorough look at all systems in the body (spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects). Disturbances and imbalances are identified. All the major systems are rated and the most detrimental are assessed in detail.Once the assessment is complete a plan to counteract and correct the disturbances is worked out using a combination of traditional rates, sound files, geometric shapes, essences and essential oils of trees, flowers, gems, mineral, colors, and cell salts as is appropriate to the person. The treatment phase then entangles these patterns with the client’s DNA. The entanglement delivers the frequencies to the client no matter where they are.

This program includes two weeks of radionic treatments. The frequencies are repeated at intervals over the next two weeks. Usually it will be repeated once or twice daily for the 2 weeks though sometimes more as tested for the best results.

After the first week I check in and ensure the frequencies are working well and tweak anything that needs it as circumstances change. After the two weeks is completed, the signature is tested for completion. It may be that it has finished delivery and the frequencies will work themselves out in the client. Sometimes an adjustment and further frequency needs to be added in which case a single assessment will be done and another freqency set added to the program.

In many cases it simply needs to keep running on a revised schedule for a period of time to continually re-enforce the frequency for the client until it is fully integrated with no resistance in their being. This can be accomplished with the weekly additional transmissions. A minimum of 2 weeks billed, but may be up to 8 weeks or more depending on the client and the pattern.

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