This is an assessment on a single item to identify causal factors and a recommended approach. It includes one treatment. Further treatments are often needed but can be simple weekly repeats until the issue resolves. This is useful for emotional upsets or something that has triggered a fear or sadness and will allow the body to quickly re-establish its equilibrium. It may be used for preparing oneself for a particular event or challenge. It is often applied prior to an important race, event, test, or presentation.

This is also used when after doing a full assessment, a layer or additional issue comes up and needs to be added. Rather than needing another full assessment, the additional concern can be added to the assessment using the single issue. If repetitions are already in place for the full assessment the repetitions for this would be included at not further additional cost.

Example of 1 item: Pain in right knee from a fall.

Example of a full assessment: Arthritis in knee joints.

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