12 months of Radionic Support to be who you want to be.

  • 12 months of Personal Radionic Coaching to be who you want to be.
    Only 10 places available each year. Be one of 12 and get your Personal Radionics
    Programming and Coach.
    12 monthly payments of $1000 or get a discount paying for the full year. $10,000 for the year
     Every month we will explore the theme for that month and create a personalized radionic
    pattern addressing key issues, frequencies and needs in that area for you. For each theme the
    pattern will include removing blocks, clearing negative past influences, releasing related fears
    and doubts, building the positive pattern that allows you to change your thinking, emotions, and
    behaviour around the theme.
     Each month you will communicate with Linda about the theme and components in that
    months program so it can be personalized fully.
     During the month you will correspond with Linda about any specifics you notice or things that
    come up to work them into the pattern as needed so Linda can tweak or adjust your program
    as needed.
     At the end of the month you will be invited to reflect on how it has played out in your life and
    to notice what changes you are seeing. Start anywhere is the cycle and get all 12 months.
    Start at any month in the cycle and get all 12 months.
    1. I value and believe in myself
    2. I accept my past and step into my potential
    3. I recognize and release resistance
    4. I am present
    5. I can be who I want to be
    6. I take responsible risks
    7. I do what matters

    8. I live in integrity
    9. I exceed my goals
    10. Creativity and imagination feed growth
    11. Purpose and belonging keep me grounded
    12. I overcome challenges with courage

    For Upscale your life the price needs to be on the picture as the other 4. $1000/month

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