Upscale your Life: Coaching Supported by Radionics to change your life

12 months of Personal Radionic Coaching to be who you want to be.
Only 10 places available each year. Be one of 10 and get your Personal Radionics Programming and Master Coach.

This is an intensive program to create the you that you want to be.
Every month we will meet privately via zoom to explore the theme for that month and create a personalized radionic pattern addressing key issues, frequencies and needs in that area for you. For each theme the pattern will include removing blocks, clearing negative past influences, releasing related fears and doubts, building the positive pattern that allows you to change your thinking, emotions, and behaviour around the theme.
Each week you will communicate via Email and phone (unlimited personal support) with Linda about the theme and components in that month’s program. The more you engage with and observe and discuss the pattern, the more effective it will be.
During the month you will provide feedback to Linda about any specifics you notice or things that come up related to the theme so Linda can tweak or adjust your program as needed.
At the end of the month you will be invited to reflect on how it has played out in your life and to notice what changes you are seeing. Start anywhere in the cycle and get all 12 months.
Start at any month in the cycle and get all 12 months.

I value and believe in myself
I accept my past and step into my potential
I recognize and release resistance
I am present
I can be who I want to be
I take responsible risks
I do what matters
I live in integrity
I exceed my goals
Creativity and imagination feed growth
Purpose and belonging keep me grounded
I overcome challenges with courage

12 monthly payments of $1000 or get a discount by paying for the full year. $10,000 for the year

Themes for Upscaling your life
You will notice that there are negatives and positives to each. Many times we are forced to deal with others that act out the negatives, even when we may have dealt with our own. It can be very stressful when we have to deal with them. Having clear patterns that can release those emotions will allow others around you to come into sync with you and release their own destructive patterns that are causing you stress.

We will personalize each theme to the issues and topics that are pertinent to you.

I value myself
heart meridian
releasing negative self talk, recognizing significance
hate, grief, depression, and despair.
joy, freely give of your gifts, graciously receive from others, be able to say no

I forgive myself
Letting go, addressing trauma, drama and stress
able to be fully present, relaxed, and at rest
alpha brainwave state of being present

I let go of resistance
Gall bladder
recognizing bitterness and shame
neutrality, able to stay on point in the face of opposition

I believe in myself
not being heard, not listening to and following your own inner direction, and repressing self-expression
voice, creative expression, and ability to speak our truth

I take responsible risks
Large Intestine
Emotional issues focused around your home, early family life, and the tendency to self-sabotage
put upon, pushed, button pushing
eliminating those things that no longer serve you

I do what matters
refreshing your life force, weakness in digestion
pensiveness, worry and insecurity, anxiousness,
ability to accept a situation or life event.

I live in integrity
the energy of guilt, blame, shame, frustration, and disappointment.
Forgiveness, freedom, calmness, and acceptance

I exceed my goals
Triple Warmer/Circulation
creativity, intimate relationships, sexuality, pleasure,
flow of resources, and embodiment of the higher self.

Creativity and imagination feed growth
anger and feelings of powerlessness, difficulty in allowing oneself to experience feelings and emotions, and difficulty digesting them.
conflict of not being able to digest the chunk (digest what happened to me), whether real or virtual.
expression of your inner power, and fight-flight-freeze mechanism.

Purpose and belonging keep me grounded
Central Vessel
feeling overwhelmed, shyness, confusion and disconnectedness
Pain and stiffness in feet and knees, the ability to move forward in life circumstances
Being Present and feeling secure

Strong Relationships guide and support me
Governing Vessel
Unable to move forward, ‘no backbone’, feelings of embarrassment, dishonesty, distrust and burdened
feeling supported by life.
Abundance, gratitude, recognizing support

I meet challenges with courage
depression, false pride, intolerance, prejudice, contempt, smothered and scornfulness
Grief, life isn’t fair
Finding peace and presence in the process of grief

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