This service is for those needing specific longer term treatment following a full assessment. Minimum purchase is two weeks.
(3 to 5 sessions per week)

Many times, for long-term or chronic issues you may need the support of the frequency running at a background (almost subliminal) level to keep the pattern in place while the physical body catches up and rebuilds cells and other patterns. This takes the existing assessment and simply runs the already programmed rates and frequencies for an extended time. The patterns will not be updated and adjusted as they are in the full assessment but will be tested for the optimal number of repeats weekly and the time and days it will run. Especially for those in a difficult situation or working on a major shift in life or performance having this running for an extended period is very effective on bringing the shift into reality.

When working on eliminating the frequencies of virus and parasites, etc, running the program throughout the life cycle of the irritant can prevent a re-occurrence. You need to continue the disruptive patterning until all of offenders have been dealt with which in some cases means it needs to run a long time.

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